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Dove Creek Timber
was founded in 2002 by company owner Rick Pizzey. Rick has been involved in saw milling and logging his whole life and has established a reputation for producing premium softwood lumber since 1990, beginning with his Lukwa Mills in Port Hardy, BC. Rick Pizzey and Dove Creek Timber have been featured in several magazine articles and been on several news cast showcasing Dove Creeks products and revealing why Dove Creek Timber has been so successful all these years.
Dove Creek Timber has a reputation for producing premium lumber and shingles all around the world. Rick Pizzey's motto is "If we don't have it we will cut it!". Dove Creek Timber custom cuts, grades, and sorts a variety of products mainly in Western Red Cedar, 2x2 and Fingerjoint blocks all the way up to 40' timbers in all grades, kiln dried, and planed. Although Western Red Cedar is our main species we can also process Douglas Fir, Hemlock, and Yellow Cedar. We not only produce lumber shingles for export all around the world, and for the local market for developers, builders and the regular home owner building a fence or deck.

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